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One of the joys of teaching piano is that it provides me the chance to work with young musicians at a crucial time in their lives, when they are physically and mentally able to maximize their growth as musicians.  Hard work is, in my opinion, a major component for every success, so I insist on consistency, dedication, and constructive criticism.  

Many students come to me playing by instinct and with a great talent that needs shaping and developing.  It is my job to help them understand the flow of the musical phrase and the concept of the musical form through an investigation of the composer’s stylistic language or even through an analytical look at the work’s harmonic and formal traits.   My goal in the end is to point their attention to all the small details in the score, as well as grasping the concept of the whole piece, the “big picture.” I also push students to spend as many hours as they can listening to music, so to become familiar with the vast amount of classical music repertoire, and in particular for the piano.  This is necessary in the process of developing their ideas and ways of interpretation.


One cannot have an accurate, intelligent performance without highly developed technique, and a performance of notes without expression could be very dull for the audience.

For the past 25 years I have been giving piano lessons, lectures and master classes at music institutions nationally and internationally. My private lessons focus primarily on intermediate and advanced levels, including preparation for competitions, college auditions, and more. 

Please feel free to contact me for additional information. 

Piano Master Class at the University of Shanghai

Piano Master Class at the University

of Shanghai, China

Piano Master Class at Oxford College of Emory University

Piano Master Class at

Oxford College of Emory University


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